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REVEL Realty Inc. has become an influential brand in the real estate industry, expanding to over thirty offices in little more than ten years, with 400+ REALTORS® staking their signs on lawns throughout Ontario. As our galvanizing brand strives for new heights with its most recent offering of expansion opportunities, we believe the upside and potential is unlimited. Our team first, collaborative approach to listing, selling, buying, leasing, and project development is based on a fundamental appreciation of people, diverse lifestyles and elite customer service.

Brokerage Achievements

The REVEL Brand has produced some of the highest performing sales representatives, brokers and teams in the industry, garnering rookie of the year awards, best in marketing/social media awards, top selling broker of the year, while achieving agent and office growth records, and becoming one of the fastest expanding brokerages in Ontario.


Independent Non-Franchise Brokerage 2016-2022 (NAR)*

Over 5.6 billion

dollars of real estate sold

top selling

Real Estate Teams


in 10 years


(and growing)

*Based on 2016-2022 annual transaction volume ranking reports from the Niagara Association of REALTORS®

What REVEL Can Offer
You as an Agent

REVEL upholds numerous support systems that can aid you in growing your business
as a REALTOR® in your respective location:

Positive, Celebratory Team Culture

REVEL Ed & Mentorship Program

Technology that Works for You

Commission Caps

Revenue Sharing

Suite of Available Services

Exceptional & Innovative Marketing

REVEL Luxury Division

Mentorship Program

REVEL ED & Mentorship

REVEL’s experiential and mentor driven ongoing training and educational program has become a proven curriculum for REALTOR® success, growth and leadership development.

At REVEL, we offer new and experienced REALTORS® a multi-faceted curriculum of hands-on real estate education through our REVEL ED Program. We understand that many of the most important lessons are learned through mentorship and experience, so we devised a program to support and supplement a new REALTORS® journey into a competitive real estate market.

REVEL prides itself on our Mentorship Program, which is directly linked to our “team first” approach to real estate. Although our REVEL Ed program provides the fundamentals necessary to engage and find success in the real estate industry, our mentorship program offers a one-on-one support expert to solidify the lessons learned from our curriculum.

Commission Caps

To prepare for REVshare – a new and innovative company initiative designed to reward, monetize and strengthen reputable agent referrals, REVEL has issued a very competitive 100% cap commission program that incentivizes consistent sales productivity from year to year. A commission cap, according to REVEL’s research, will motivate agents to focus on sales while inspiring them to invest their savings into their own investment and/or real estate portfolios. Retaining income through a commission cap system provides a purposeful foundation for an agent, or broker, to build income through an alternative revenue sharing system. REVEL has concluded that a 100% commission cap structure combined with a revenue sharing system, coined REVshare, is the next step to providing our current agents additional revenue, increased business productivity, and tangible benefits from the expansion of agent referral networks.


After analyzing sales data over multiple sales years set against recent market challenges and statistical fluctuations, REVEL has devised a unique agent referral system that promotes growth of agent success and financial security by enabling alternative streams of income through commission caps and agent referral bonuses. REVshare is an incentive based revenue sharing system that initiates a stream of income derived from the referral of ‘reputable’ agents to the REVEL family. REVEL sees this program as an opportunity to strengthen an already robust mentorship program while widening the scope of the REVEL network of influence. REVshare, plucked directly from REVEL’s brand namesake, is an extension of the team principles celebrated in Revel’s mission statement. It is designed to encourage and strengthen the connections made with reputable, cooperating agents, who may be considering Joining the REVELution, or becoming a member of a progressive brokerage that is always shifting and creating for the purpose of providing better opportunities to its agents.

Services Available

REVEL offers its REALTORS® numerous services that enable and activate immediate engagement with clients and colleagues in the real estate industry. Such services are fully integrated into day to day operations and lead generation capabilities.

Broker of Record Support

Full Agent Onboarding & Support

Marketing & Graphic Design Team

Branded & Templated Marketing Collateral

In-House Copywriter

Accounting Team

Deals & Transactions Team

Director of REALTOR® Growth & Development

General Manager

REVEL Ed Coordinator

Mentorship Opportunities

Professionally Written Bios


Business Cards

Listing Package

Buyer Rep Package

Customized Listing Sheets

Luxury Booklets

Digital Interactive Brochures

Digital Marketing Collateral

Branded Print Materials

Personal Website

Templates Digital & Print Ads

Quarterly Newsletter

And much more!

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