Why Lead a REVELution?

Choosing REVEL as your brokerage is selecting a set of expectations, intense training, nurturing mentorship and peer support in a state of the art facility designed to offer a modern curriculum of real estate education with hybrid hands on training and direction.

Award Winning Brokerage

The REVEL Brand has produced some of the highest performing sales representatives/teams in the industry, garnering rookie of the year awards, best in marketing/social media awards, Top Selling Broker of the Year ranking, top ten sales team in Canada, and the list goes on.


  • Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce Business Award 2016
  • Niagara Association of REALTOR®s Marketer of the Year Award 2017
  • Niagara Socials Excellence in Real Estate Awareness 2018
  • Numerous Best office and agent awards through local communities 2016-2021


  • #1 Independent Non-Franchise Brokerage 2016-2021
  • Over 2.5 Billion Dollars of Real Estate Sold (REVEL Realty)
  • Twenty Offices in Eight Years
  • 300+ REALTOR®s (and growing!)

Technology That Works For You

REVEL equips leaders, or Head Coaches of its offices, with Planet Orange, an A.I. driven, fully integrated technology platform that provides automation to personal websites, lead generation, and social media engagement.  REVEL’s investment in Planet Orange is a significant one, making leadership of a REVEL office accountable, user friendly, socially relevant and best of all, efficient.  REVEL has also invested in elite deals and transactions software, as well as internal communication platforms that make business transactions and networking more effective and profitable.

By leading a REVEL office, a Head Coach is operating confidently on the virtues of a proven formula that rises above and beyond the traditional norms associated with antiquated brokerage systems.  In doing so, REVEL has increased the speed of home sales while becoming an environmentally cognizant, paperless company. 

REVEL Ed / Mentorship

REVEL’s experiential and mentor driven ongoing training and educational program has become a proven curriculum for REALTOR® success, growth and leadership development.

REVEL Realty Inc. has revolutionized, professionalized, and energized a proven educational program for new and experienced REALTOR®s that builds, reinforces and inspires successful careers in the real estate industry.

REVEL Ed is not your typical rigid educational structure. It integrates essential education developments with work in progress experiences, at the same time emphasizing fun and social team building. 

REVEL takes care of its own but emphasizes individuality, new ideas and creative approaches geared towards growth in real estate expertise.

Marketing Marvel

Famous for its branding and marketing savvy, REVEL arms its REALTOR®s with aggressive marketing strategies, personal branding initiatives, creative planning campaigns, on-site mentoring consultations, and a social media presence, fully supported by an in house marketing team.

From the onset, and in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, REVEL has invested in highly skilled photography, videography, graphic design and copywriting talent to support, counsel and advise REALTOR®s with their marketing campaigns.

REVEL Style Magazine, a culture magazine geared towards celebrating diverse lifestyles inspired by real estate ventures, offers REVEL REALTOR®s a platform to further diversify and promote their own personal brands.

Company Culture & Charity

Our inclusive, collaborative, social, and fun loving work culture is galvanized by magazine launch parties, participation in community events and the party of the year – our own REVEL Charity Ball.

By giving back to our community, REVEL REALTOR®s receive the intangible benefits secured by appreciation, gratitude, and the belief in doing good. REVEL is proud to be an active charity fundraiser in our respective localities. Our REVEL Charity Ball celebrates this commitment, and positions our REALTOR®s as positive influencers in our society.

Step 1
Lead a REVELution Questionnaire

Our Lead a REVELution Questionnaire is a good way for us to get to know you and your real estate business goals.

Step 2
Corporate Application Package

After reviewing your questionnaire, one of our Corporate Advisors will assign you our Corporate Guideline Package, which details, in a chronological manner, the steps to organize and establish a corporate office, encompassing location criteria, branding, recruiting, marketing, etc.

Step 3
Corporate Meeting

If you are invigorated as we are by the prospect of leading REVEL in your neighbourhood, the next step is to book an in person meeting at our Head Office.

Step 4
Final Approvals & Contract Review

Your final approval as a leader, or as we term it, “Head Coach”  is an exciting opportunity worthy of our REVEL namesake, which literally means – to celebrate.  You are now ready to enroll in our onboarding experience.  Start thinking about staging one of our famous “REVEL Launch Parties.”


“We certainly recall the anxiety that accompanied our decision to venture away from the security of national brands. We arrived at an epiphany that clarified a new pathway. Furthermore, it wasn’t worry or even fear, but adrenaline, energy and a new modern vision for revolutionizing the industry that drove our decision to open our own brokerage and implement some much needed changes to the marketplace. We realized the real estate industry needed a modern push, a young and vibrant brand built on the values of teamwork, support, and real collaborative inclusion. Right away, we were confident we could make a lasting statement with our vision. REVEL represents this positive energy and desire to celebrate, while the movement to evoke such dramatic change is definitely REVELutionary. Let’s face it, every Generation needs a REVELution!”

– Ryan & Nicki Serravalle, Founders, REVEL Realty Inc., Brokerage

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