History of The Revel Charity Ball

We, at Revel Realty, are focused upon giving back to our supportive community and to those most in need.  Three years ago, we initiated our very own charity venture to commemorate and legitimize our altruistic vision through the Revel lens.  Combining our determined efforts, research, and marketing talents, we decided that an annual Revel Charity Ball would raise the necessary funding for charities and social justice issues in our area while at the same time aligning our namesake with the cause.  As a result, revel, which literally means “to celebrate” becomes synonymous with The Revel Charity Ball – a formal celebration helping those mired in unfortunate life circumstances through affiliated support services and missions.

Our goal is to raise the standard of previous charitable efforts by issuing a 2020 challenge to ourselves, driving us to “do more” in the upcoming decade. Throughout the year, Revel participates and leads various charitable events, but this time around we are motivated by the prospect of eventually beginning our own foundation that consistently contributes to helping those who are marginalized by socio-economic issues in our region.


2020 Charity Benefit – Bethlehem Housing And Support Services

This year, we are staging our Revel Charity Ball for Bethlehem Housing and Support Services. 

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services is a multi-service organization serving the diversified needs of Niagara residents by offering support for individual growth through housing and other focused services.

Their mission, in partnership with the community, is to provide affordable housing and services to support the personal growth of individuals and families. They accomplish this extraordinary vision by offering stable, affordable housing and support services that contribute to a vibrant, caring and inclusive Niagara where everyone has a home.  

Charity, Revel Style

Revel finds its own mission statement and vision synonymous with Bethlehem Housing, and shares the belief that safe, supportive and affordable housing is fundamental to the health, well-being and resilience of all people.

Furthermore, stable housing, combined with personalized support through a responsive and person-centered support system, is fundamental to residents gaining greater confidence and realizing their housing goals and aspirations. 

Revel is excited to make Bethlehem Housing and Support Services our charity of choice for the 2020 Revel Charity Ball.  By virtue of this relationship, and common denominators in the housing market, we fully support and endorse the opportunity for all residents of the Niagara Region to call a place, a home.  

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