Step 1
Franchise Questionnaire

It all starts with interest on paper! Our Franchise Questionnaire is a good way for us to get to know you and your real estate business goals.

Step 2
Franchise Guideline Package

After reviewing your questionnaire, one of our Franchise Advisors will assign you our Franchise Guideline Package, which details, in a chronological manner, the steps to organize and establish your Revel franchise, encompassing location criteria, branding, recruiting, marketing, etc.  

Step 3
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

If you are invigorated as we are by the prospect of establishing your own Revel franchise, our Franchise Advisor will provide you with disclosure documents and paperwork. In Canada, for franchise legislation, there is a full 14-day grace period for prospective franchisees. 

Step 4
Final Approvals & The Official Franchise Agreement Package

Your final approval as a Revel franchisee is an exciting opportunity worthy of our Revel namesake, which literally means – to celebrate.  You are now ready to enroll in Broker Training, which Revel offers as online modules.  Start thinking about staging one of our famous “Revel Launch Parties.”


“I certainly recall the anxiety that accompanied my decision to venture away from national brands that offered me membership, but not the opportunity to grow or succeed as a leader in the real estate industry. And then I realized that it wasn’t worry or even fear, but adrenaline and energy driving my decision. I realized the real estate industry needed a revolutionary push, and a young and modern brand built on the values of teamwork, support, and real collaborative inclusion, to make a statement worthy of improving how property was traded. Revel represents this positive energy and desire to celebrate, while the movement to change is definitely revelutionary. But let’s face it, every Generation needs a Revelution!”

Ryan Serravalle, Founder & President
Revel Realty Inc., Brokerage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the initial one-time franchise fee?

Our franchise fee varies according to location, nature of office (virtual or brick/mortar) and customization of technology to suit a five year plan.  Contact one of our Franchise Advisors ( to get the specifics for your market.

What are the ongoing payable fees during the franchise term?

Fees vary in every market across Canada. Speak to one of our Franchise Advisors ( for the specifics on your location.

What is the term length?

Our term length is 5 years so we will get the chance to build a strong relationship working together. 

How long does the whole process take?

The process takes a minimum of 30 days, but generally 60-90 days from the initial application to the signed agreement. 

Do I need to be a licensed realtor and/or broker in Canada? (i.e. Broker of Record/Managing Broker)

It is recommended to be licensed as a sales representative and have your broker’s licence (i.e. Broker of Record/Managing Broker/OACIQ designations in Quebec).

Alternative Option: If you don’t have your license, but would like to invest in the Revel brand, you could hire a managing broker on your behalf to run the day to day operations of your Revel office. 

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