The Power of the REVELution.

REVEL Realty Inc. has become one of the fastest growing independent brokerages, and one of the most influential brands in the real estate industry.  As our galvanizing brand strives for new heights with its most recent offering of expansion opportunities, we believe the upside and potential of our impact is unlimited.  Our team first, collaborative approach to listing, selling, buying, leasing, and project development is based on a fundamental appreciation of people, diverse lifestyles and elite customer service.

Motivated and driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of Ryan Serravalle and Nicki Serravalle, founders of REVEL Realty Inc., our mission is to REVELutionize the process of acquiring and investing in real estate.  This commitment to excellence, and the customization of our service details, have vaulted REVEL to a prominent share in the marketplace, characterized further by the achievement of prestigious industry awards, exponential growth in REALTORS® and sales volume, top flight technological software to bolster our networks alongside innovative marketing projects like our own REVEL Style Magazine.  

At REVEL, we strive to invest our time, energy, education, and expertise to better serve our clients beyond the sale of a single property. And as our namesake promises, we “REVEL” or celebrate our work.  

Ryan and Nicki Serravalle

Why REVEL Wants You to
Lead a REVELution.

REVEL believes in its REALTORS®, and through our REVEL Ed program, we have developed award winning sales representatives and top agent accolades in the industry.  We have grown our generous REVEL Ed curriculum to include leadership training with infrastructure support systems in place to apply and sustain the education.  Together we believe we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that will provide a solid foundation of growth and business prosperity.

At REVEL, we are very selective when approaching a REALTOR® with leadership potential. Our leaders are at the top of their game and growing their respective offices with REALTORS® who are committed to implementing our proven system. 


What we look for in our leaders:

A top selling agent

who is interested in moving forward instead of standing complacently still in the status quo.

Someone who is not afraid

to exploit all marketing platforms to further your own personal brand and business scope.

Open to adopting new & creative ideas

to improve the efficiency and overall influence of your personal and parent brands.

A team player

who understands that people are important resources in our line of business.


who is interested in creating different streams of income, both passive and active, that will benefit your career portfolio.


What REVEL Can Offer
You as a Leader

REVEL upholds numerous support systems that can aid you in growing your own
REVEL office in your respective location:

Positive, Celebratory Team Culture

REVEL Ed & Mentorship Program

Technology that Works for You

Suite of Available Services

Exceptional & Innovative Marketing

REVEL Luxury Division

Case Study

In Success

At the tail end of 2021, REVEL was proud to welcome The Kate Broddick Team to the family. The Kate Broddick Team is a contingent of colourful, social media savvy, REALTOR® personalities forming the #1 selling team in Brantford for the past seven years.

As industrious as they are aggressive in the real estate field, this successful team is led by best selling REALTOR®, Kate Broddick. REVEL Style Magazine took advantage of the opportunity to interview this proven all star in the industry and is proud to introduce her dynamic team to our readership.

Case Study

Q&A with Kate Broddick

You entrust a number of people with your “business,” having grown your team to eleven members and counting. What do you look for in a team member?

Our team thrives on self-starters; people who can anticipate and solve problems before they arise. It’s really important that we are motivated, engaged and above all else, EXCITED to help every single client that calls us to help with their real estate needs. And we are! Everyone on this team has a wide variety of strengths and I think that gives all our clients a good well-rounded experience.

What drives you to succeed in a very competitive real estate industry?

We never settle for the status quo. We are always pushing the boundaries and looking for new, innovative ways to market our listings, and our team. In such a competitive industry, you can’t just plop a For Sale sign on the front lawn and hope for the best. You’ve got to hit the pavement and keep growing, learning and improving to keep up with such a fast-paced market. To make the conscious decision to continue to grow and change has been the best for our team in this area.

You accomplish a number of ends in a calendar year. How do you balance time in your personal and professional life?

I have a lot of help and the greatest support system anyone could ask for! My husband has always been amazing at helping my business; from running lockboxes or signs out to properties for me, and encouraging me when it’s time to slow down and smell the roses. My administrative staff takes a lot of the day-to-day paperwork off of my plate as well, which means I can be on the road visiting clients and giving them the customer service they deserve. With all of that support, I’m actually able to carve out some quality family time at home, sitting around the pool or curled up on the couch with my 3 sons! Having a support system, paired with utilizing my hours in the day appropriately, I’ve learned to live a balanced life that’s full of excitement!has been the best for our team in this area.

Who, or what inspires you to over achieve as a REALTOR®?

Honestly, it’s my kids that inspire me. I look at my boys and the life I’ve been able to provide them with because of this amazing career in real estate. Being able to set my own hours and be around when they need me is a huge bonus. Everything I do, I do with them in mind. They keep me active and motivated to keep growing and learning.

What do you consider a challenge in your life?

Sometimes I want to do all the things, myself! I’m a very hands-on person and like to make sure everything is managed properly for my clients. But in all honesty, if I did it all myself, I would work 200 hours a week. It can’t possibly all be done by one person. So I challenge myself to slow down, take time out of every day to breathe, work out, and take a break. It can’t be all work, all the time.

What does the future hold for The Kate Broddick Team?

We are always looking forward to growth and change! Joining the REVEL Realty Inc. Brokerage has proven to be an amazing decision because of all the support they provide my team. It’s so wonderful to be included in a group of such like-minded people. And having my own brokerage means there are always going to be bigger and better things coming up for The Kate Broddick Team. Stay tuned!

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