As we near the launch of REVEL STYLE Magazine, issue viii, and as we surreptitiously approach the ten year anniversary of REVEL in business, we proudly reflect upon a major emblem of our brand – our real estate culture magazine.  Intended at the beginning to provide another dimension to our dynamic brand name, REVEL STYLE magazine has become so much more over the years.  The vision of REVEL STYLE magazine has always been to document real estate culture and all of the associations derived from purchasing a property, no matter what the use or location.  In this capacity, and in the context of nearly ten years in business, our magazine has also become a documentation of our growth, influence, and creativity over the years, not to mention a lightning rod symbolizing the energy our brand continues to inspire throughout Ontario and beyond.  As we now embark on ownership opportunities, and pursue speaking engagements, our REVEL STYLE magazine travels with us.  It opens doors to communication, camaraderie, collaboration with other REALTORS® and brokerages, and ultimately, it visualizes our mission statement in the most modern, stylish manner.  

REVEL STYLE magazine is indeed a powerful marketing tool at our brokerage and it benefits our REALTORS® in so many ways.  Not only does it provide another narrative level to their growing independent brands, but also, it offers a platform to exhibit likeminded ambitions and celebratory aspirations as we thrive in the enjoyment of our day to day real estate work. Every year, we publish timely content with strong associations to global, real estate interests, while we stress the importance of an artistic sensibility in all that we do and contribute to the communities we serve.

Most of all, we believe our REVEL STYLE magazine stabilizes our relevance as a growing and expanding brand in the real estate industry.  It communicates our spirit, our attention to detail, and our creative acumen.  In this light, it also imparts credibility to our clients and colleagues, while setting a new standard for marketing in this ever competitive arena of promotion.  Furthermore, and best of all, it shows that we care enough to offer those we serve our very best efforts to advance their real estate interests, which in turn, allows us to REVELutionize real estate in every dimension of this business. 

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