Top team leaders invest heavily into their processes and procedures. From hiring administrative and marketing staff to taking the leap into a physical office space, a true leader understands the importance of business evolution as it pertains to growth and sustainability. Regardless of market conditions, leaders find a way to promote their vision as they push boundaries and improve services to their clients and colleagues. In this light, leaders should also invest in themselves, and the people they trust to work with, which is why the next step in a real estate career is owning and building a “Sale-able Business.” This checkmate move, often underestimated or overlooked by successful REALTORS®, who are ironically in a position to leverage their successful years, is a surefire way to create an additional stream of income and potentially, a legacy for generations.

At REVEL, our philosophy for expansion is based upon empowering team leaders and top agents to not only build out their current platforms, but also to use such platforms to unlock additional revenue opportunities while creating a saleable asset. Owning, or leading your own office in a city open to the REVEL brand is a generational opportunity that doesn’t come along every day. With most cities spoken for by other traditional brands, REVEL is positioned perfectly, and in a timely manner, to offer REALTORS® and REALTOR® teams the dream to practically own the city they are working in, under the REVEL brand.

As Director of Franchising and Development at REVEL, I have been entrusted with the responsibility of doing what I enjoy best – helping people achieve big goals. Transitioning from a sales career into owning a brokerage office falls under that category for most REALTORS®, and although the prospect of growth and change may be intimidating at first, we have compiled research upon which we base our growth prognostications. Our findings have confirmed the unlimited potential of owning your real estate business. Under our guidance and support systems, which include an in house REVEL ED training program, our ambitious REALTORS® have gone on to take the next step towards leading their own office(s). And as they embark upon this exciting new career venture, we stand by to ensure they do so with the utmost confidence in the proven support systems already in place and functioning successfully with fellow REVEL offices.

Having grown to 23 offices throughout Ontario in nine short years, we have simultaneously collected the data to validate such a bold move. Our offices are prosperous and present in their respective locales, and our brand, which promotes the reveling, or celebration of life’s moves and changes, is as relevant as it has ever been. We believe the message in our vision, emanating from our brand values, breathes fresh air into an otherwise stagnant tradition of selling homes. An underdog mentality, coupled with an appreciation for creativity and talent, propels our brand vision, which we believe is unparalleled in the industry. Finally, and with nine years of progress to leverage, we can present evidence to prove that sales production improves as a result of taking ownership of the REVEL brand.

So what do we offer an ambitious REALTOR®, or real estate team leader, seeking to take the next step in this real estate career path? First and foremost, an infrastructure of talented, creative and accessible individuals who make up our corporate team. Our systems are not only proven, but often imitated, because they surely REVELutionize the way real estate is conducted. As our corporate structure pushes change in the industry, our offices benefit from the advantages of our creative marketing campaigns, supportive network of office leaders, and the energy generated from the competitive spirit inspired by our new and modern vision for real estate. This rather intimate attention to detail combined with the support we provide every step of the way, allows REALTORS® to transition seamlessly into leadership roles, which in turn, creates additional and passive income for those looking to take on the REVEL brand in their city.

The possibilities are endless when you are the upcoming brand everyone is buzzing about in the industry, and REVEL has proven itself to be a positive culture and influence across all markets in Ontario. However, as readily as opportunities are emerging, many windows are closing in cities that have already been spoken for. So once again, time is of the essence, if you are seeking to lead, or own a REVEL office in your city.

Our new slogan, REVEL IN YOUR CITY, has officially taken flight and will once again present opportunities that are only available with a young brand that has proven its worth and credibility on a larger scale. Joining the REVELution is our mainstay campaign, but Leading a REVELution is gaining momentum as we continue to push boundaries and the envelope of expansion throughout our province, and eventually, nationwide.

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