In the enchanting aftermath of the Queen Bee Summit, where remarkable women from around the province converged to explore the realms of empowerment and leadership, we had the privilege of sitting down with Philanthropist and Family Woman, Nicki Serravalle, Founder of REVEL Realty. Her insights into the intersection of family, community, and giving back were nothing short of inspiring. As we dive into this two-page spread, we unravel Nicki’s thoughts on how her children impact her philanthropic work, her journey into the world of giving, and her aspirations for the future.

Family First: The Impact of Children on Philanthropy

Nicki’s commitment to family and philanthropy is a testament to the power of nurturing both her children and her community. She begins by reflecting on her own children, Leonardo and London, and their profound influence on her philanthropic journey. “How do your children impact your work in Philanthropy?” we asked. Nicki responded with a warm smile, “They’ve been my greatest teachers. Seeing their vulnerability and the desire to protect them has fueled my dedication to helping our local communities and beyond.”

It’s not just about financial legacies; it’s about the legacy of compassion and empathy passed on to the next generation. Nicki believes that her children are learning valuable lessons about the importance of giving back, making a difference, and being socially responsible individuals.

The Spark that Ignited the Flame

For Nicki, philanthropy was never an afterthought; it was ingrained in her life from the very beginning. “What initially sparked your passion for philanthropy?” we inquired. Her response was deeply rooted in her journey: “It started with sponsoring a child with her husband Ryan Serravalle, Co-Founder of REVEL Realty, and we’ve continued that commitment for over 18 years. It’s about recognizing vulnerability and wanting to do everything we can to help.” Nicki’s story is a reminder that philanthropy often begins with small but meaningful steps.

The Art of Philanthropic Selection

Selecting the right organizations and projects to support can be a daunting task, given the numerous inquiries that come their way. Nicki shared her approach: “We generally pick something that pulls on our heartstrings or has a personal connection.” It’s a reminder that the most effective philanthropy often comes from the heart.

Reveling in Charity: Maximizing Impact

Nicki believes in making philanthropy memorable and impactful. “What strategies do you employ to maximize the impact of your philanthropy?” we asked. Her answer was simple yet profound: “Offering a unique experience to create a buzz for future events.” It’s a testament to her ability to bring communities together and inspire action.

Nicki’s approach reminds us that the true beauty of philanthropy lies in its power to connect people, generate enthusiasm, and foster a sense of collective responsibility. It’s about more than just giving; it’s about inspiring others to join in and make a difference. In a world where kindness and unity are invaluable, Nicki’s strategy is a beacon of hope, showing us how we can all contribute to a better, more compassionate society.

Pioneering the Path Forward

In our exploration of her vision for the future, Nicki unveiled a compelling aspiration: the establishment of a foundation under the REVEL banner. “My vision is for every agent and staff member to play a part in enhancing the common good,” she revealed. Nicki’s dedication to philanthropy extends far beyond the personal; it’s a shared commitment that unites the entire community.

Changing Lives, One Project at a Time

Nicki didn’t just talk the talk; she walked the walk. “Can you describe a recent project with significant positive impact on your community?” we asked. Nicki shared the heartwarming story of supporting Bethlehem Housing, providing stable housing for families and Community Crew, providing nutritious lunches to thousands of children in the Niagara Region. The impact of her contributions is a shining example of the change that philanthropy can bring.

Inspiring Others

Nicki’s philanthropic approach is all about teamwork. Her journey in giving back isn’t a solo endeavor; it involves a dedicated team working alongside her. When asked how she engages and inspires others in her philanthropic work, her response is straightforward and impactful: “Lead by example.”

This statement underscores Nicki’s belief in the power of action over mere words. Nicki’s commitment to leading by example reflects the significance she places on her team and their vital roles in their charitable efforts through their company.

Nicki’s philosophy of inspiring others hinges on active participation and tangible involvement. By setting the precedent through personal involvement in the causes they champion, Nicki instills a sense of purpose and dedication in her team, fostering a culture of compassion and action within the organization.

In a world where philanthropy is crucial for positive change, Nicki’s approach serves as a guiding principle, demonstrating that effective leadership in charity is built on actions, nurturing unity and shared responsibility within the team and community.

Advice for Aspiring Philanthropists

Nicki’s parting advice to those eager to make a positive impact was crystal clear: “Start now!” She emphasized that time can be more valuable than money and encouraged others to donate their time to help causes they care about. “Donating your time, whether at a soup kitchen or through programs like packing lunches for children through Community Crew, can make a significant difference,” she concluded.

In the wake of our conversation with Nicki, we are left with a profound sense of inspiration. Her commitment to family, community, and philanthropy serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder that each one of us has the power to create a positive impact. As we close, we invite you to reflect on Nicki’s journey and consider the ways in which you too can leave a legacy of compassion and change in your community.

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