With many of us tightening our belts and applying deadlocks to our wallets this year, Christmas is nonetheless approaching and no one wants to shortchange one of the few events of the year that brings joy to our households.  This year’s Christmas trends are interesting, if not reactive, so if you are looking to get ahead of the pack, here is your cheatsheet to enjoy the ambiance of Christmas in the context of elevated mortgage rates.

  1. Natural Tones are back in! Light textures set against pine greens and softer tones are making a strong comeback to prove that an eco-first Christmas is a top priority in a conflicting economic world. 
  2. Blue and Gold is replacing the red and gold combination this year, especially deeper toned blues set against luxuriously bright golds. 
  3. Flocked Christmas Trees or snow covered Christmas trees are making a resurgent comeback, as well as white Christmas trees and even cactus Christmas trees! 
  4. Snow owls once relegated to Harry Potter films are now this year’s “Christmas bird” decoration, or winged accent.
  5. Excessive lighting has been a growing trend for years, but now more elaborate configurations inclusive of Light Orbs are making a strong statement for Christmas lighting decor.
  6. Nostalgic decorations set in baskets, or alongside nutcrackers and Christmas heirlooms are emerging to lend memorable historic value to your Christmas decoration palette. 

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