About Tanesse Chang-Gyles

Tanesse Chang-Gyles

Sales Representative

New Addition to REVEL Niagara-on-the-Lake

Tanesse Chang-Gyles joins REVEL Niagara-on-the-Lake from an eight year career as a real estate representative.  After initiating her business in the GTA, Tanesse moved to Niagara and considers the area beautiful and promising.  Tanesse offers her clients patience, understanding and problem solving strengths, skills she acquired from a previous ten year career in the medical field. She has also studied digital marketing at UOFT, which allows her to create marketing and promotional campaigns in line with her growing real estate business.  Tanesse truly understands how difficult and emotionally stressful it can be to buy and/or sell a home, but she is motivated to offer her knowledge of renovations, marketing acumen, and her plethora of people skills to suit the needs of her clients.  Finally, Tanesse is passionate about real estate and building new relationships.  She appreciates the running narratives underlining the importance of finding a home and looks forward to serving her current and future clients in this capacity.