About Stephanie Schaeffer

Stephanie Schaeffer

Sales Representative

Positive Energy Brings Spirited Team to REVEL

The Dave & Steph Real Estate Team joins the REVEL family with a wealth of house flipping experience and a passion to create an amazing client experience. The owner of Dave’s Pit Stop and a licensed automotive technician, Dave met Steph and quickly developed a mutual interest in renovating and flipping houses before the trend became popular on HGTV.  Hands on renovators and supportive of each other’s unique talents, Dave and Steph built a business flipping over 25 houses in 13 years together, earning profits on each and every project.   In the process, Dave and Steph were challenged to diversify their skills becoming exceptional marketers focusing on design, staging, photography, websites, and social media to fuel their success.  Becoming a real estate team naturally evolved for this young couple as they strived to revolutionize the real estate industry with their patented “7 Steps To Sold” home selling system they’ve refined to create incredible results. The Dave and Steph Team is sure to inspire a new and positive outlook on the real estate transaction, as you know it.