About Rebeka Terreberry

Rebeka Terreberry

Sales Representative

More Psychological Pedigree at Revel

Rebeka Terreberry is a Niagara native who joins the expanding Revel foray with an impressive educational and career resume. After earning a BA in Psychology from Brock University, Rebeka worked in Applied Behavioural Analysis servicing children with Autism spectrum disorder. In this capacity, she worked as an individual and group counsellor with diverse populations of children, youth and young adults who have a variety of special needs. As a by product of this professional experience, she has developed the ability and skill set to read individual needs positioning her to provide the correct service for any variable circumstance – a transferable skill that she has now applied to her career in real estate. Rebeka’s goals range from demonstrating the highest level of integrity and commitment to offering a little fun in the process in order to relieve the stress that often accompanies a real estate transaction. If you are seeking a psychological edge in your real estate pursuits, give this girl a call for your next property interest.