About Rebecca Burdon

Rebecca Burdon

Director of Growth & Development, Broker

Rebecca Burdon graces the management team at REVEL as its Director of Growth and Development.  Formerly a managing broker at Remax Niagara, Rebecca’s responsibilities include building and administering the REVEL ED program: a unique, hands-on experiential curriculum aimed at fostering professional growth and ethical efficiency.  In this capacity, she manages REVEL’s Mentorship program and facilitates Planet Orange, REVEL’s A.I. generated CRM platform.  Rebecca is also REVEL’s Fintrac officer.  Insightful, industrious and effervescently pleasant under pressure, Rebecca is a consistent contributor to REVEL’s marketing profile and event planning calendar.  As a true professional of many trades, she continues to provide REVEL agents with a knowledgeable and creative perspective on the evolution of their business under the REVEL brand.