About Neha Chhabra

Neha Chhabra


People Person Joins Revel

Neha Chhabra launches into the Revel stratosphere from an impressive ten year tenure as a realtor in Niagara. Friendly, approachable and sporting a smile that immediately provides trust and assurance, Neha found her niche in this industry when she realized she could maximize her people skills in a real estate context. After a brief career working in the Electronic Technology Field, Neha became a proud mother of a daughter that helped her to accentuate the benefits of balancing personal and professional goals. Neha is a determined and motivated realtor who takes great pride in ensuring that her clients’ real estate needs have been met. She also enjoys traveling, cooking and water aerobics in her free time. If you are seeking a charming and kind realtor breaming with confidence and concern for your future real estate needs, give her a call today.