About Masroor Siddique

Masroor Siddique

Sales Representative

Analytical Powers Join REVEL Milton 

Born and raised in Pakistan, Masroor has lived in Australia and England before migrating to Canada in 2015 and settling down in Milton. Masroor completed his graduation from the Curtin University of Technology (Australia) in 2006 and earned a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management from the University of Bath (UK) in 2008. He worked for IBM for almost 5 years as the managing consultant within their Global Business Services Team. Since moving to Canada, Masroor has worked with major financial institutes and consulting companies, where he has offered his services as a business analyst and as a consultant for digital transformation initiatives. Masroor developed an interest in the real estate market during 2010. Since then, he is an avid follower of real estate market trends, and this prompted his decision to adopt something he loves as a career choice. His experience with marketing and sales of products and services, coupled with the power of analytics will be used to ensure that his clients will get the best possible service. A proud father of two daughters, and an avid cricket player, Masroor plans to offer his people powers and keen analytical insights into every real estate relationship.