About Madelyn Townes

Madelyn Townes

Sales Representative

Madelyn Townes joins REVEL Hamilton Central after a previous tenure in the Japanese education system for three years.  A graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, where she earned a degree in communications, Madelyn decided to pursue a career in real estate after realizing her genuine appreciation for connecting and networking with people.  As a REALTOR®, she is personally dazzled by condo, penthouse, loft and high rise developments, while having established a formidable reputation selling resale homes and assisting investors with flips and rentals.  Madelyn is also an online social media trailblazer with the biggest Hamilton Real Estate Tiktok following, and credits this presence to the majority of her referral business.  As outgoing as she is savvy with online marketing, Madelyn is also passionate about fusing her tech talents with her ambition to promote properties.  If you are seeking a REALTOR® who is ahead of her time and at the forefront of the most recent marketing strategies, give her a call today.