About Claudia Yiu-Lee

Claudia Yiu-Lee

Sales Representative

Claudia Yiu-Lee joins Revel Niagara-on-the-Lake from an 18 year career in sales, marketing and customer service. After representing a renowned sportswear company, Claudia diligently worked her way up to Managing Director, but couldn’t withhold the opportunity to transfer her talents to the Sales and Marketing Manager position for a well known equestrian hard goods company. By virtue of this experience, she began her own outerwear company and gained valuable business expertise throughout the experience. She claims to have stumbled into real estate by chance after buying her first condo in downtown Toronto. After selling this property, she immersed herself in a curiosity for new construction and began studying real estate investments as a hobby. Now, she is fully immersed in the real estate world and is excited to serve her clients in this engaging capacity.