About Bianca Toader

Bianca Toader

Sales Representative

Worldly REALTOR® Joins REVEL Niagara-on-Lake Office

Bianca Toader joins the REVEL Niagara-on-the-Lake office with a diverse resume of global experiences.  After immigrating to Canada at the age of seven, Bianca quickly came to appreciate the true meaning of “home is where the heart is.”  After persevering through new schools, new friends and a new language, Bianca understands adversity.  Fluent in Spanish and Romanian, having traveled to over 20 countries, and with a background in personal and business development,  Bianca offers her clients a worldly perspective on their real estate portfolios.  A successful Airbnb owner of two properties in Niagara, Bianca is also well versed in leasing and adept to providing guidance and consultation to clients interested in reaching financial freedom through real estate, more specifically via vacation and short term rentals.  Motivated by her mother’s immigrant struggles, and driven to impart values derivative from home ownership, Bianca is well on her way to providing elite client service.