About Andrew Perrie

Andrew Perrie

Director of Recruitment, Head Coach, Sales Representative

REVEL Promotes Another of Our Own

REVEL is pleased to announce the promotion of Andrew Perrie to Director of Communications and Recruitment, another internal move designed to position REVEL REALTOR®s for an optimal pathway to success in the future.  Andrew is a visible, innovative, social media marketing force whose personality and passion for real estate transcends the norm. REVEL is excited about having Andrew assume these added responsibilities, knowing full well he will infuse energy and inspiration into new and seasoned REALTOR®s seeking growth and prosperity for their real estate careers. Andrew will continue to lead his Fine Estates Team, which serves luxury listing interests in Niagara-on-the-lake and beyond, while offering his wealth of marketing knowledge to prospective REALTOR®s in a mentorship capacity.  Once again, and as our REVEL Style magazine prognosticated, we are looking into the future and rewarding the contributions of one of our own.