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REVEL hosts its REVEL TIP OFF conference event every year to officially launch the Spring selling season. The intention is to offer its family of agents an opportunity to accelerate their business in the most REVELutionary way possible, by providing access to some of the brightest minds in the real estate business. REVEL continues to believe that surrounding yourself with talent, proven expertise, and industry leaders, is the perfect formula for inspiring and motivating career growth. This year’s REVEL TIP-OFF 2024 event, in this, REVEL’s 10th year anniversary in business, was one for the ages.

Tip-Off Ryan and Nicki Serravalle

Staged at the elegant Ovation Room in Port Robinson, a packed assembly of agents, brokers, collaborators, and business affiliates shared a common space to learn from the very best in the real estate business. REVEL TIP-OFF 2024 opened with founders, Ryan & Nicki Serravalle, reviewing the past year’s office grand openings, recent expansion into offices north and west in Ontario, with the inclusion of REVEL TIMMINS, REVEL WATERLOO, and REVEL-The Northern Group(Espanola/Manitoulin), REVEL CALEDON and REVEL ESCARPMENT  before announcing major movements planned to launch during its 10th year anniversary in business.  Such movements now include a 100% cap commission structure, a revenue sharing program(REVshare), an improved mentorship program, and a new coaching alliance with Kathleen Black coaching that will benefit all REVEL agents at each stage of their respective careers.  Slotted alongside subscriptions to exclusive global listing services and luxury networks, and working with an AI driven Planet Orange tech ecosystem, REVEL believes this investment in the improvement of an agent’s personal business is an investment worth committing to long term. REVEL is confident these investments will also provide sustainable value and leadership opportunities for years to come.

Tip-Off 2024 Crowd


From this introductory presentation, close to 300 agents in attendance, were graced with the opportunity to listen to industry leaders and sought after speakers in the real estate business, Ryan Serravalle(REVEL Founder), Kate Broddick(Team Leader and Head Coach) and Andrew Perrie(Team Leader and Head Coach), before indulging in conversation panels with some of the finest agents across Ontario, gaining incredible insights about lead generation and garnering referrals – the theme of this year’s conference event.  Dion Beg, a mortgage expert from Kanga Mortgages proved once again that his creative perspective on leveraging mortgages to invest in real estate is as valuable to agents as it is to clients, while Tim Hudak, CEO of OREA, finalized the morning session to update the entire assembly on the current and future state of real estate and home affordability in Ontario, for the near and distant future.

Breaking for lunch, and enjoying a full buffet complimented by networking and camaraderie, the buzz was pleasantly interrupted, and intensified by a surprise appearance from Canadian country star, Tim Hicks, who performed three of his platinum hits for a Live, and attentive audience. Tim was happy to promote his charitable affiliation with Wolfgang Guembel, one of REVEL’s esteemed agents, as they strive to raise funds for students in need through an upcoming event, entitled In The Round – a storytelling musical event scheduled for April 26th in Niagara.

The afternoon session featured a presentation by REVEL’s very own, Evan Macdonald(Head Coach REVEL St. Catharines and Niagara-on-the-Lake), who gave an inspired and heartfelt speech about resiliency in a time of challenge and struggle.  Citing his own sports experiences alongside his wife’s journey to make the Olympics, the assembly of agents sat in awe as Evan brought himself, and many others, to tears, paralleling the overcoming of his personal challenges in the context of this year’s real estate challenges.

Finalizing the day, Jack Armstrong, TSN broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors, offered a keynote address featuring his famous anecdotal reflections on what makes people successful in their chosen fields.  Citing his own family and coaching inspirations, Jack was as candid and genuine as he is during Raptors broadcasts.  REVEL was proud to have him address its agents, and he provided just what everyone needed to hear with the approach of the upcoming Spring selling season.

Overall, REVEL TIP OFF 2024 was a smashing success, as it officially launched upcoming events slated to commemorate REVEL’s 10th year anniversary in business, beginning with REVEL’s presence at the upcoming OREA REALITY Conference in Ottawa, where Founder, Ryan Serravalle will take the stage to introduce keynote speaker, Earvin “Magic” Johnson.

REVEL also looks forward to its annual Charity Ball, Magazine Launch Party, and its Leaders Summit, now that the REVEL event season has officially launched in REVEL STYLE, and with positivity in the sails.

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