Surpassing the 300 REALTOR® mark threshold is a surreal accomplishment for REVEL Realty Inc.  From a humble handful of REVELutionary believers to a blossoming network of reputable professionals, the growth of REVEL is rooted in an appreciation of people, and the diverse talents they offer to our business family. 

From the onset, a team first philosophy was implemented before the doors officially opened at REVEL’s first office in Niagara Falls, merely eight years ago.  And from the first contract signed, REVEL has remained steadfast when emphasizing the importance of working collaboratively with other REALTOR®s to REVELutionize real estate.  In our brief but eventful history, we are grateful to have welcomed esteemed sales representatives and brokers from across Ontario, while nurturing new REALTOR®s to build reputations based on hard work, creative marketing, and ethical integrity.  As a result, our REALTOR®s have achieved the highest accolades in the business, while continuing to bolster the REVEL brand and its positive narrative throughout Ontario, and even beyond our national borders. 

With this in mind, and as we surge past the 300 REALTOR® benchmark, we like to remind ourselves that although we value sales, numbers, and transactions, we prize character, personal growth, and loyalty above all else at REVEL.  We hope to build upon our successes as we learn from setbacks or failures, in the appreciative light of the 300 members who grace our lawn signs on a daily basis.  To REVEL is to “celebrate” when you are a part of such a REVELutionary movement in the real estate industry.  With that said, we express our gratitude and thanks to every member of our REVEL family!

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