Issue vii of REVEL Style Magazine has finally reached REVEL Headquarters, and the time clock has been set to officially launch the printed version of the magazine to the public.  To commemorate the popularity of the magazine, we have one upped previous versions by expanding the page count.  This year’s seven year itch edition is quite literally a “sight” to see.  And REVEL culture has never been so colourful (hint), as it is in Revel Style Magazine issue vii.  As always, we strive to represent our social, collaborative culture, and the lifestyles that spawn from a passion for real estate. However, our brand has grown exponentially in the past few years, from 7 to 21 offices, and over 330 realtors!  To acknowledge this growth is to also draw attention to the expansion of our creative flow.  With more talented realtors and corporate staff, comes more debate, discussion, and fresh new ideas.  You will definitely recognize the difference in this year’s edition emblazoned on every page and highlighted by the positive evolution of REVEL culture.  Stay tuned for more details. 

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