REVEL Continues to Attract Expansion Interest in Northern Ontario

In the first month of 2024, which has officially introduced REVEL’s commemorative 10th year in business, REVEL has passed the 25th office benchmark in Ontario with style and substance.  Having always entertained expansion interest with prudence and scrutiny, REVEL is proud to say that its brand influence has grown organically into cities and townships craving a REVELution in real estate culture.  Most recently, REVEL welcomed new offices in Waterloo and Espanola/Manitoulin to launch 2024 with an absolute bang.  Coincidentally, and not necessarily by chance, northern Ontario has been an area that continues to entertain interest in REVEL’s positive brand influence and real estate culture, and REVEL couldn’t be more inspired by the results.

To date, REVEL has now expanded to Sudbury, Timmins, Espanola/Manitoulin, Georgian Bay, Muskoka and Barrie, nearly triangulating the north with a mission statement driven to provide elite client service, creative marketing acumen, and more reasons to Revel, or “celebrate” a real estate lifestyle. 

“When exceptional real estate agents, with remarkable sales track records, and more importantly, team first mentalities, approach you with interest, you definitely listen,” explains Ryan Serravalle, founder of REVEL REALTY INC. 

“We value real estate agents and brokers who are ambitious, energetic and open to challenging the status quo,” advises Nicki Serravalle, founder of REVEL REALTY INC.  “To realize that our brand influence is attracting the eye of talented individuals in northern locations set apart by distance from our REVEL headquarters in Niagara Falls, says alot about what we have to offer, universally, to the industry.”

Expanding north with a contingent of leaders who have embraced REVEL’s brand values has created both tangible and intangible benefits.  First and foremost, REVEL has always prided itself on being a people first brand, interested and invested in the development of its agents, whether it be through its experiential REVEL ED program, or through the creative advantages offered to its agents via REVEL STYLE MAGAZINE –  a full length real estate lifestyle magazine published annually to document the “celebratory” energy behind the REVEL brand.  Considered and respected by many as one of the most welcoming, friendly and team oriented real estate work cultures in the industry, REVEL insists on maintaining its personable and social character by staging one of a kind magazine launch parties, elegant Charity Balls, and monthly social gatherings to induce business and strengthen the art of networking.

To find acceptance of these cultural ideals and values in northern cities has validated the message REVEL continues to impart to cooperating professionals in the industry, that the REVEL brand can help create sustainable business, no matter where it lands.

“Northern Ontario has definitely embraced REVEL with open arms, and we are proud to serve the cities and townships that have entrusted their business to our care,” summarizes Ryan Serravalle. 

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