Niagara Falls, ON – REVEL Realty, an independent real estate brokerage with headquarters based in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is excited to announce that McGarr Realty Inc. Brokerage has accepted an invitation to join forces with REVEL for the purpose of forming an alliance that will REVELutionize real estate in Niagara and beyond. 

McGarr Joins REVEL Realty

Founded by Sally McGarr in 1988, McGarr Realty Corp. Brokerage has thrived for over 36 years, earning a distinguished reputation as a trusted name in the industry while establishing itself as a pillar of the Niagara real estate community. Known for its localised expertise and global reach, McGarr Realty embodies a commitment to collaborative partnerships and team driven principles, personalised client care, industry-leading marketing and exemplary service—values that align seamlessly with REVEL’s core business philosophy and mission statement. Joining forces with this tradition of excellence and acknowledging the incredible legacy of Sally McGarr, ingratiated further by her daughter Raiana, is an honour for REVEL and one that is destined to create growth, prosperity, and a continuation of the McGarr narrative in the Niagara region. 

Esteemed as professionals offering elite client service across a spectrum of real estate interests, most notably luxury properties, McGarr Realty regards an alliance with REVEL as a transformative partnership. REVEL has always respected the brand, reputation and acumen of McGarr Realty, one of Niagara’s formidable real estate names, and continues to regard the importance in maintaining the McGarr brand presence as it transitions into a new chapter of growth in its illustrious history. Such a movement will inevitably leverage REVEL’s focus on education, training, mentorship, and creative marketing, not to mention REVEL’s top ten branding influence in the province of Ontario, to create opportunities for agents, affiliations, and client networks throughout the province and beyond. REVEL sees great promise welcoming the McGarr brand into the family and insists that the personality and authenticity of the McGarr name will remain intact and primed for more growth and prosperity in this next phase of its business trajectory.

“We are honoured to have the reputation, credibility and legacy of Sally McGarr join REVEL. Before we began REVEL, we were inspired by Sally McGarr and her influence on the local Niagara real estate market.  We share business values and are like minded where it concerns our astute attention to detail, especially in the provision of service to our valued clients and colleagues,” explains founder of REVEL, Ryan Serravalle. “Sally continues to be an influential and trailblazing force in the independent brokerage space, and as an independent brokerage, we truly respect and admire all that she has done to pave the way for the impact of higher level independent brokerages, like REVEL.”

“We are excited to offer what we do best at REVEL to Sally McGarr and her brokerage of experienced agents with the hope that we will push each other to truly REVELutionize the way real estate is sold in Niagara, and beyond our local borders,” adds Nicki Serravalle, founder of REVEL. “At REVEL, and as we celebrate ten reputable years in the real estate business this year, we are ecstatic to embrace McGarr Realty with the confidence that we can achieve more together based on our team first approach to real estate.”

From its inaugural launch in 2014, founders of REVEL, Ryan and Nicki Serravalle, have built an alluring brand, which has inspired a demographic of real estate professionals, like McGarr Realty, who aspire to conduct business in a REVELutionary manner.  Attracting some of the highest selling teams in the nation, while developing a contingent of industry leading agents through its innovative REVEL Ed and REVEL Mentorship programs, REVEL has established itself as a credible and promising option for reputable real estate agents, teams, brokers, and independent brokerages alike, who are seeking to take the next step in their career paths – leadership, ownership of, or partnership with, a REVEL office.

In this ambitious tradition, Sally McGarr and her daughter Raiana, will lead McGarr Realty under the REVEL umbrella, striving to build upon the impressive foundation of 36 marquee years in the real estate business, while leveraging the larger support system within the independent brokerage space that is REVEL Realty. This expansion promises growth across the Niagara Region for both prominent brands respectively and creates a collaboration that strengthens market share and caliber of service provided to our clients and sales people alike. 

“We were approached by many brokerages,” explains Sally McGarr, “but we appreciated the family atmosphere at REVEL, and how respectful they are of the McGarr brand and all that it stands for.  We arrived at the same conclusion, that we are stronger together. We sincerely believe that this relationship will benefit everyone collectively.”

REVEL expects to foster more growth for McGarr and will provide a support system conducive to increased sales success, brand recognition, and strengthened agent development. 

“We respect Sally and Raiana as intelligent, ambitious business people with a progressive vision that matches the energy and spirit we have tried to infuse into every one of our expansion offices,” explains Nicki Serravalle.  “Sally McGarr is a proven and reputable real estate name and her alignment with REVEL harmonizes with our philosophy and ability to attract strong local professionals across Niagara, and throughout the province.”

Never a brokerage to back down from growth, provision of opportunity, or expansion, even in tough times, REVEL has always created its own space in competitive real estate markets throughout Ontario.  As a result of this commitment to creating opportunities for like-minded professionals, the brand continues to attract top performing and community respected agents and independent brokerages, like McGarr Realty, who look to diversify their business, real estate, and investment interests through leadership of a REVEL office.

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