1.  See Your House as a First Impression 
In order to prepare your home for potential buyers, you have to step back and see it objectively vs subjectively.  By removing your embedded place in the house, you will be ready to de-personalize the space.
2.  Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.
You’ve heard it many times and it has become a cliche, but removing the third vase on an island, or storing baby pictures in a box temporarily, will re-focus attention on the potential of a space, instead of limiting it to a distinct identity.

3.  Leave Nothing un-repaired 
If there is a hole in a wall, a broken tap, or spotted windows, be sure to repair every deficiency.  When buyers wander through a home, they will value it according to its weakest link, which will demoralize future negotiations.
4.  Encourage Light
Dark rooms may depress or possibly scare a potential buyer.  Exploit rooms that provide natural light and buy new and brighter bulbs for those in need of light therapy.  Once again, every space should welcome a visitor, not deter one.

5. Stage The Most Important Rooms
Kitchen, living room, and master bedroom are key selling points for every house.   Maximize their attractiveness by emphasizing space, design potential, and versatile living options like entertaining guests and/or family.

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