Officially immersed in all of the havoc that is 2022, REVEL thought it a good idea to explore some new and clever lifestyle trends to emerge from recent evolutions in all aspects of life. From time to time, REVEL will return to document these intrinsic movements, many of which are relevant to real estate changes and social awareness.  

“The Return of Retro” headlines new lifestyle trends for the upcoming year.  Bring back the glitter of jewels and jewel accents, piercings and crystal eye makeup, with the ever infamous mullet making a major hair comeback, although natural hairstyles stay strong and steady.  In fashion, retro pearls have gained some ground as well as the re-emergence of the electric blue outfit.  Throw in some checkerboard pattern looks, where it concerns home design, and the retro feel and mood is definitely on the rise.  

Another popular lifestyle trend is home security, or home well being.  “Feeling good at home,” especially after withstanding what is hopefully the last of the home lockdowns, has introduced an eye for Aphrodite-aesthetic wallpaper, more plant life in the home court, creative gardens and floral ceiling approaches.  The focus on improving interiors has also trended, luxuriating uncommon spaces like laundry rooms, with character accents and upgraded finishes.  In this context, the concept of “wellness” and “spirituality,” as well as “protecting your energy” have become common home design themes surging forward to redefine the purpose of spending money at home. 

Finally, and understandably, travel and the idea of travel is strongly influencing how people perceive lifestyle, or the ideal lifestyle.  From the limitations imposed by lockdowns, the taste and craving for adventure is at an all time high, while interest in foreign cultures has dominated internet searches where it concerns conceptualizing lifestyle in accordance with home and travels abroad.  

Look for these and others as we continue to navigate a rather wild and inauspicious opening to the year 2022.  

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