1. Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent
In today’s super competitive market, your sales representative should be well versed in the craft of his/her trade.  From setting up client portals to contract negotiations, soliciting a reputable and aggressive real estate agent should be a top priority.
2. Specify Your Budget on Paper
When you specify your budget on paper, you actualize the pursuit of the right home for you.  A budget will help you discriminate between fantasy and reality, eliminate distracting delusions, while creating a pool of viable options to visit and act upon.

3.  Shop around for Mortgage Pre-Approvals
Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval benefits a home buyer by enabling the ability to place an offer with one less condition.  In a competitive context, every additional condition is paramount.  Also, by shopping around for the best mortgage rate, from various institutions, you may discover the potential to increase your initial budget limit.
4.  Hunt for Homes Online
Submit specific criteria to automate a search portal and enlist your sales representative to search homes on your behalf.  But don’t sit still.  Explore the multitude of home sites on the internet, especially since many homes are listed on an exclusive basis.

5.  Window Shop <-> Shop in Person
Make the experience of viewing homes a pleasurable experience, one that will get you out of your own home to revel in the design, architecture, and location of homes within your budget.  Your search for a home should be fun and exciting, not stressful and under pressure.

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