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Revel Helps You Get Ready for Some Spring Cleaning

It is now February and it’s almost time for Daylight Savings. (March 11th to be exact.) With that comes Spring right around the corner.

Some of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is 

  1. Getting Rid of Clutter
  2. Shining, Degreasing & Scrubbing


You can get your home ready for Spring by doing these small Spring Cleaning tasks. 


One of the biggest parts of spring cleaning is getting rid of the items that you don’t need. Start by cleaning out bathroom/kitchen cabinets and putting items in storage bins or boxes for a garage sale. If you do not want to have the items boxed up in the garage, donate to your local charity or Goodwill. The same goes with clothes, shoes and other household items. Do one room at a time and get the entire family involved!


Take advantage of the natural urge that comes each spring to get rid of items that are weighing you down and begin the new season fresh. 


Another important part of spring cleaning is to degrease. Sticky kitchen grime is a mix of dust and grease that’s invisible until it builds up. A great way to degrease those kitchen cabinets is by lightly spraying a nonabrasive all-purpose cleaner until soaked, then sponge off. 


While in the kitchen, it is important to make your stainless steel appliances shine. By doing this, mix a solution of 1 tsp dish detergent with 1 quart hot water. Rub the detergent solution onto the appliance in small sections going with the grain. Rinse off with clean hot water only and dry immediately with a clean cloth.


Last but not least, don’t forget to scrub. The floors, showers, toilets. This task should be done at every weekly cleaning but a heavy duty spring cleaning in the washrooms is a must. 


Start off by replacing your shower curtain liner and washing the shower doors. Next, dissolve soap scum build up with your favourite commercial cleaner or a natural solution. **Do not use lemons and vinegar or other acidic cleaners on tile grout as the cleaners will eat away the grout** Don’t forget to scrub your toilet bowls, wash your toilet seat and the flusher as these carry the most germs. 


Once finished, the interior of your home will feel Spring-ready, just in time to start the exterior cleaning. 







April 17, 2018 3:11PM