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To Fly or Not to Fly

Thinking of jumping on the bandwagon and buying an Unmanned Aircraft, aka drone? Did you find one under the tree and are now anxious to unbox it and get it up in the air to get a bird’s eye view of your neighbourhood? If you are a REALTOR, are you looking forward to getting a spectacular video to showcase your new listing?
Flying for fun using a drone weighing less than 35kg, does not require permission from Transport Canada, but you DO have to fly safely and respect the designated “No Drone Zones”.   
Using a drone for work or research purposes or a recreational drone over 35kg, however, is a bit more complicated.  Permission is required from Transport Canada in most situations.
What seems like a complicated maze of rules and regulations, permissions, exemptions and conditions, and the previously mentioned “No Drone Zones”, has been made simple by the following flow chart provided by Transport Canada.

Before you decide to invest in a drone, check out the links provided for important information to help you navigate that maze.



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